About Gunung Slamat

PT. Gunung Slamat was founded by Sosrodjojo family in 1953 after they produced the aromatic tea in 1940. During that period, the aromatic tea is traditionally packed and known as Teh Cap Botol. Aside from the aromatic tea, PT Gunung Slamat started manufacturing as well both black tea and green tea in teabags and loose tea packs.

It comes in various packaging under the brands: Teh Cap Botol, Teh Celup Sosro, Teh Cap Poci, etc.

To provide high quality product, PT Gunung Slamat extracts the finest raw material from its own four plantations. On the other hand, the jasmine and gambir (Jasminum officinale) variants come from a producer in a plantation in Central Java, Indonesia.